Step-by-Step: Integrating IDX Listings

Integrating an IDX tool (search, map, etc.)  is easy using our IFRAME module.

  1. First figure out where you would like to input your IDX tool. 
  2. Add a module on that page. 
  3. Then, choose Integration from the tabs on the left and select the IFRAME module.


  4. In your IDX account, locate the page link that corresponds to the tool you would like to integrate. 
  5. Copy that link and paste it into the Source URL field. 

  6. Click Save & Add to Site to add your IDX tool to your website.
  7. If you would like to add another IDX tool to that page, start again from step 2. 

Here is a help center article and video from IDX where you can get more information. 

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