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Adding the vFlyer Listings Plugin to your WordPress blog or website allows you to integrate and display all of your vFlyer listings seamlessly into your WordPress site.

Note: On 2/16/19, vFlyer updated this wordpress plugin to greatly a) improve performance b) improve thumbnail behavior and c) enhanced user interface.

Here's how to install the vFlyer Listings Plugin from your WordPress Admin Panel:

  1. First, Download-vFlyer-Blue.png the to your computer.

  2. Log into your WordPress account in your browser and navigate to the WordPress Admin Panel.

  3. From the Admin Panel, choose Plugins from the menu options and select Add New. Click the Upload link, then the Browse button, and select the file (zip file only) and upload it.

  4. Once you've uploaded the file, on the following page, click Activate Plugin to install the plugin.

  5. After you have installed the plugin, you will need to configure the API settings with your vFlyer account ID to sync up with your vFlyer account. To find your account ID, in a browser, enter your http://[vFlyer account name] It will expand to a URL such as:

    http://[account name]
    In this case, 73006000 is the vFlyer account ID.

    If you have trouble finding your account ID please contact vFlyer support at and provide the email address associated with your vFlyer account

  6. Copy the Account ID and paste it into the vFlyer Account ID section.

  7. You will notice that the Short Codes are also available on the API Details Page.  Find the Short Code based on the type of listings that you want to display on your WordPress site.

  8. Copy that Short Code to one or more pages on your site and click the Publish button to add your vFlyer listings to a page of your blog or site.

    For example: Copy [vflyer-listing] to display all active listings or [vflyer-listing condo-for-sale] to display all condo for sale listings.

  9. The settings for the plugin can be customized from the Admin Panel by selecting the vFlyer Listing & Settings options. Choose vFlyer Listing to view your different layout options, Gallery View and List View.
  10. Gallery View
  11. List View list-view-20190309.png
  12. Depending on which layout you select, you can modify the settings to best fit your WordPress theme. To configure, click Settings. The most important setting is the Layout Width (pixels) on the Detail Page Settings, which determines how large the listings will display.




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