How do I add an Assistant?

Q: How do I add an assistant?

A: Inviting other people to be Assistants to your account allows them to log in under their own name to make changes to an account's flyers or sites. To get started inviting Assistants, click on the Account link at the top right of your vFlyer page, then find the Assistants link in the black toolbar.

Enter the email of the person you would like to invite to be your assistant in the box. Then, choose if you would like to make this person an Assistant or Power Assistant. A Power Assistant has the ability to make changes to the subscription plan, like upgrading or downgrading the account. Then, click Invite


You will see a Pending invitation under Current Assistants. This invitation will be marked as Pending until that person accepts your invitation. 


Once you click Invite, the person you are inviting will get an email similar to the one below. To accept your invitation, they must click on the link in the email.


If they are an existing vFlyer user, they can just log in to vFlyer normally. They will then be prompted to confirm the invitation. If they are not a vFlyer user, they must create an account by filling out the information requested. Depending on your service, they may be prompted to choose a payment option.


Once the invitation has been accepted, the assistant will show as Active in your account.


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