How much do sub-accounts cost?

A: This depends on how you will be using the sub-account.  If you don't assign a sub-account to another user (for example, if you just want to keep your rental and for sale listings separate from each other), then there's no additional cost for it and the sub-account shares the same flyer allocation as your main account.

If you assign a sub-account to another user (say, an agent in your organization), once the invited user accepts the invitation, then there's an additional charge for that sub-account.  This is because assigned sub-accounts have their own allocations of flyers, separate from that of the main account.  You can specify whether you or the invited user is to be billed for an assigned sub-account.

For 5 or fewer assigned sub-accounts, the cost per sub-account is the standard subscription price for the level the sub-account is set at.  If you need more than 5 assigned sub-accounts, we offer bulk pricing options.  Contact our sales team at (800) 594-5930 ext. 2 for more information.

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