What is a sub-account?

Q: What is a sub-account?

A: A sub-account is an account under the management of another account (referred to as the main account).  Sub-accounts can be useful in a couple cases:

  1. In vMarketing: If you have listings for different categories, locations, or clients and want to keep them separate from each other while still having easy access to them, you can create a sub-account for each group.
  2. If you have different agents, offices, properties, or clients that you want vMarketing and/or vSItes accounts for but you want to retain some control over those accounts, create a sub-account for each and assign it to that individual or organization.  Both you and the sub-account assignee will then have access to the sub-account and you can reassign it if necessary.

Your account type determines how many sub-accounts you can have.  For Plus accounts, the limit is 2; for Premium, 5; and for Professional, 15.  Sub-accounts are not available to vMarketing Starter or Personal accounts.

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