Step-by-Step: Editing Search Settings (Metadata)

When optimizing a web-page for search engines (SEO), you will want to edit your page’s search settings. In the Edit Page Settings window, you can enter a page’s title, keywords, and description - advanced users may know these as meta-tags or meta-data. While this data doesn’t display on your web page, search engines use it to determine what a page is about. Also, the title and description text display on a search engine’s results page (see below).


To edit Search Settings:
  1. Navigate to the Site Editor.
  2. Mouse over your site and from the Main Navigation bar, select the page that you would like to edit the search settings for.
  3. After  you have navigated to the desired page. Click Page Settings at the top of the page and choose Search Settings edit the search settings.

  4. Once you click on the Search Settings for your page, it will take you to the Edit Page Settings screen - the search settings will display on this screen.
  5. vFlyer Sites auto-populates this content, but it is not necessarily optimized for your keywords. Uncheck the “Automatically populate my page meta information” box to edit the contents of these fields.

  6. Once you have made these changes, click Save & Close at the top of the window. Re-publish your website by clicking the green Publish button at the top of the Site Editor.

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