Step-by-Step: Editing Permalinks

A permalink refers to a particular page's URL. For SEO purposes, it’s a good idea to add a keyword to the URL of a page because it provides more information about a web page’s content (ex: Having a keyword is better than using a non-specific URL like This subsequently leads to better crawling of your pages by search engines. Also, your URL shows up on a search engine’s results page, so a relevant looking URL may get more clicks from searchers.


To edit a Permalink for a page on your site, follow the steps below:

1. First, navigate to the Site Editor.

2. From the Main Navigation bar, select the page that you would like to edit the permalink settings for.

3. After you have navigated to the desired page.  Click Page Settings on the top of your page and from the drop down menu select URL Settings.


4. Once you click URL Settings it will take you to the Edit Page Settings page. Edit the Permalink  by changing the Page Link field. Once you have made these changes, click Save & Close at the top of the window. Re-publish your website by clicking the Publish button at the top of your Site Editor.

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