Step-by-Step: Adding a Photo Gallery

Adding a photo gallery is a great way to incorporate photos into your website. In contrast to a slideshow, a photo gallery displays all of your photos at once. To get started:

  1. Follow these directions for adding a module where you would like your photo gallery to be. 
  2. Click the Media tab along the left-hand side of the Add a Module screen and select Photo Gallery.

  3. On the next screen, add the title and description text. Click the photos tab to upload images from your computer or choose images from your library. After the photos are done uploading, you can add captions by clicking on the pencil icon under each picture.  



  4. To adjust the appearance specifications of the photo gallery, choose Settings. Finally, to change the shape of the pictures, choose LayoutDon't forget to name your photo gallery! When you are finished, click Save & Close.


  5. To edit your Photo Gallery Module, you can change it by mousing over the module in the Site Editor, clicking the pencil icon.


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