Step-by-Step: Layering Modules

The layer option can be used to layer your image over another module. To get a better idea, take a look at this example:

The Freeform Editor was used to create this list of Real Estate websites that vFlyer automatically syndicates to. However, there is a large blank area on the right side of the page because the text does not reach that far. By adding a Picture Module and using the layer option, you can move images into this space. 


  1. Start by hovering over the module you want to layer on and clicking Add Module.


  2. Then, add a Picture Module by choosing the image you want either from you computer or from your library. For more information on how to add a Picture Module, check out this tutorial. You may need to re-size the image to fit in the blank area. 

  3. Now that your image is the correct size, mouse over it, mouse over the reposition icon in the editing toolbar and click Layer Module

  4. After the page refreshes, the Picture Module will be on top of the other module (in this case, the Freeform Module). Mouse over the reposition icon in the editing toolbar and choose Reposition

  5. You will then be able to drag and drop the Picture Module into the correct place. When you are satisfied with the placement of the image, click Save


Note: Picture modules can only be layered over modules in the same Section. For example, Picture Modules added in the Footer Section cannot be layered on modules in the Body Section or Header Section. 

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