Step-by-Step: Adding Apartment Community Information

If you are the manager of an apartment community, our Community Module allows you to list everything your community has to offer in a clean, organized way. If you chose to create an Apartment Community page in the Site Wizard, you will have a Community module built right in, already filled out with sample content.


To edit this sample content, hover over the module and click the Pencil Icon in the editing toolbar. Then click the Content tab. If you need to add a Community Module, hover over the area you would like to put it, then hover over the Plus Sign in the editing toolbar and click Add Module. Choose Community from the Text category of modules and click Select


In the Edit Module window, you can customize the community description, features, and photo gallery to fit your community. In Settings, you can customize the headers and change the layout  to showcase your pictures as a slideshow or a single photo. Don’t forget to name your module so you can easily find it later. 


When you are finished editing, click Save & Close

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