Step-by-Step: Adding or Modifying a Footer

Modifying an existing footer

A footer for your site is automatically created during setup with the Site Wizard. The footer contains basic contact information about your business and is automatically set to locate at the bottom of each of your pages. 


You can edit this information at any time by hovering over the Footer Module, and clicking the Pencil Icon in the editing toolbar


In the Edit Module window, you can edit the content of your header as well as appearance settings. The WYSIWYG editor is a free form editor that allows more freedom with the appearance of the text. When you are done editing, name your Footer Module and click Save & Close.


Creating a new footer

To add a new Footer Module:

1. Follow these instructions to add a module.
2. Click the Building Blocks tab along the left-hand side and choose Footer. Then, click Select.

3. You will then be taken to the Edit Module window (described above) where you can input content. 


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