Step-by-Step: Adding a Service List

Listing services your company offers is easy with a Service List Module, which allows you to include pictures, descriptions, and prices. To add a Service List Module:

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Adding a Module tutorial
  2. Click the Text tab along the left-hand side of the Add a Module screen and choose Service List.

  3. Click New Item to create a new service, or import a service you've already entered by clicking Add Saved Items. It's also a good idea to give the module an easily identifiable name. 

  4. If you create a new service, you'll be taken to where you can enter a service name, price, and description. The text editor in this module allows you to manipulate the appearance of the description text. To upload photos to this service, click the Photos tab. You can then browse your computer for a picture or choose an existing one from your library.


  5. To add captions to your photos, click on the area below the image. When you are finished, click Save & Return to List


  6. After saving, you will be taken back to the original Service List screen. To edit the title of your Service List, mouse over the existing title and click when you see the pencil icon appear. Click the save button when you are finished editing the Service List title.



  7. To create another service, click New Item or Add Saved Items and follow all the steps again. Once you are done adding services, click Save & Close.


  8. After the list is added, you can change it by mousing over the module in the Site Editor, clicking the pencil icon. You can also rearrange the services so they appear in a different order. Clicking Settings allows you to adjust the number of services that appear and how they are labeled. This page also allows you to choose the Layout options for how the service list will appear. When you are done editing, click Save & Close.



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