Step-by-Step: Using Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics in addition to our vFlyer Sites tracking system is a great way to get more detailed information about the traffic your site is generating. For more information about Google Analytics, click here.

Using a new Google Analytics account

If you don't have a Google Analytics Account, follow these steps to learn how to sign up and set up tracking for your vFlyer Site. Note: You will need a Google account to be able to use Google Analytics. 

  1. On your vFlyer Sites Dashboard, click the Control Panel tab. Then, click Site Settings.

  2. In the Site Settings window, click Analytics Settings. Then, check the box next to “Enable Google Analytics”. This is where you will enter your Google Analytics ID.

  3. In a new tab or browser window, sign up for a Google Analytics account by visiting

  4. On the next screen, enter the URL of your vFlyer Site. Make sure that http:// is selected from the drop-down menu. Then select time zone country or territory and your time zone and click Continue. Google will then prompt you to enter contact information and agree to their service agreement.

  5. The next page will provide you with the code for your Google Analytics. Copy the code that corresponds with the numbers inside the red box seen in this image.

  6. Paste the code into the box on the Site Settings page. Then, click Save & Close.


Note: The Google Analytics interface may have changed since this article was published.  For the latest information on Google Analytics, please visit the Google Analytics support page.


Using an existing Google Analytics account

If you have have an existing Google Analytics account, you can add tracking to your vFlyer Site by selecting Create New Account from the drop-down menu labeled My Analytics Accounts. Then follow the steps outlined above. 


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