Step-by-Step: Editing a Site Theme

With vFlyer Sites, you have enormous flexibility in making your site look the way you want. This extends to your site’s theme, which you can customize extensively. vFlyer Sites offers both a Basic Theme Editor and an Advanced Theme Editor.

Basic Theme Editor

To edit your theme using the Basic Theme Editor:

1. Mouse onto the site and find the Theme Settings in the upper right hand corner.


2. Click Edit Theme.


3. From the Global Defaults drop down menu, select the section of the page in which you would like to modify. 


  • Choose  the Global Defaults to make changes across the entire site.
  • Choose the Site Header and Footer tab to make changes to the site header and footer.
  • Choose Menus to make changes to the site menu, sub- menus
  • Choose Everything Else to make changes to photo and module frames and captions.

4. To change a color in the theme, click the corresponding color box.  In the color picker, move the cursor in the outer ring to control the color palette in the inner square. Once you've found the palette you like, move the cursor in the inner square, and then click Continue when you've found the color you want to use.


5. Once you have updated your site’s theme to your liking, click the floppy disk icon to save your changes and to close the Theme Editor and view your changes in the Site Editor.


Advanced Theme Editor

Note: The Advanced Theme Editor is intended for designers and developers with some knowledge of CSS. If you don't fit this description, we recommend you stick to the Basic Theme Editor.

To edit your theme using the Advanced Theme Editor:

  1. Go to the Theme Settings tab
  2. Under Theme Settings click, Edit Theme
  3. From the Theme Editor drop down menu select Advanced CSS to add custom coding to your sites theme.


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