Step-by-Step: Page Templates

What is a page template?

A page template is the skeleton that is applied to each of the pages in your site. Your site is automatically created with five page templates: the Home Page Template (which is automatically applied to the home page of your site), One Column, Two Column Right, Two Column Left, and Three Column. Each page template comes pre-formatted with a particular layout and set of pre-loaded modules which will appear on any page created using that particular template.

(Note: For all sites created before October 6th, 2011, there are two default page templates: Home Page Template and Other Page Template. The Other Page Template is a two-column page template with a Business Profile Module automatically placed in the thinner column.)

To find out what template a particular page is using, in the Site Editor mouse over the Page Settings toolbar and click General Settings.



The Home Page Template is automatically applied to the home page of your site. Typically the Home Page Template is outfitted with a large splash image and has a one column layout that spans the entire width of the page. Modules that are pre-loaded into each template can be seen by clicking on the Page Template link from the Control Panel. In the Page Template Editor, mouse over the page template you would like to modify and choose Edit.


Thus, all pages using the Home Page Template, the Header Module and Main Navigation Module will appear. Applying a template to a page will be discussed later. 

Editing a page template 

Page templates can be edited at any time to fit your customization needs. To add more usable space to the page, enable Sections by accessing the Page Template Editor and checking the box next to the correct Section. For example, checking the Above Header Body Section will enable the user to add a module above the Header Body Section (an area that was not available before). 


Similarly, if you wanted to remove a Section, access the Page Template Editor and un-check the box next to that Section. 

When you are done editing the page template, click Save & Close. The changes made in this screen will automatically appear on all pages that are using that page template. 

Creating a new page template

There is no need to limit yourself to the default page templates! To create a new page template, go to the Control Panel and click the Page Templates link.


From the Page Template Editor, select Create New Page Template.


From the New Page Template window, specify what layout you would like your template to be. There are already some Sections checked and certain modules pre-populated. Of course, you can un-check any Sections and remove any pre-populated modules with just one click. Don't forget to name your page template! When you are done, click Save & Close


Applying or changing a page template

To apply a page template to a page in your website, follow these steps:

In the Site Editor, navigate to the page you would like to apply the page template to. Then, from the Page Settings toolbar, click on General Settings.


In the Page Settings Editor,  in the Page Layout section choose the desired page template from the drop down menu. When you are done, click Save & Close


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