Step-by-Step: Integrating your vFlyer Marketing Listings

One of the unique features of vFlyer Sites is that it allows you to seamlessly pull in your vFlyer Marketing listings into your website. As you update the listings in your vFlyer Marketing account, they will automatically be updated on your site.

  1. To get started, add a module by mousing over the space you would like to add the module to and click the Plus symbol. Then, click Add Module Below.

  2. Then, choose Integration from the tabs on the left and select the Listings module.

  3. vFlyer Sites automatically detects your vFlyer Marketing listings, so you do not have to upload or move them into your site. Simply specify appearance and sort settings here:

  4. Choose a the type of listings you would like to display from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click Save & Close to add your Listings module.


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