Step-by-Step: Adding a Social Media Toolbar to Your Site


  1. Access the Site Editor and hover over the section where you would like to add your social media toolbar. For this example, we will add it to the header section. Go ahead and mouse over the header. In the editing toolbar on the right, mouse over the plus symbol, then select Add Module Above or Add Module Below to add a module within the header section.


  2. Click the Social Media tab along the left-hand side of the Add a Module screen and select Social Media Toolbar.


  3. The next screen will allow you to choose the icon size (small, medium, or large) and add your social sites. Be sure that the site selected matches your social site’s page URL. Also, be sure to include “http://” at the front of the URL so that the icon will become a hyperlink.


  4. Once you are finished adding your sites, name your module, then click Save & Close.
  5. Next, you have the option to reposition the toolbar. Mouse over the toolbar and click Layer Module to layer over the header.


  6. To reposition, mouse over the toolbar, and in the editing toolbar, select the Reposition option. Then, drag and drop the module in an ideal location.


  7. After repositioning, click Save and your toolbar will be locked in place. Finally, you’re social!

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