Step-by-Step: Adding a Downloadable Document

Uploading a document that site visitors can download is easy with the new File Module which accepts most file types. Now, prospective customers can download documents like rental applications and brochures straight from your website. 

  1. Determine where you would like the file download link to be placed. Then, add a module
  2. Select File as your module type. 

  3. Click the Upload button to upload a file from your computer. Or, if you have already uploaded the file to vFlyer Sites, click Choose Saved File. Add a title and description to your file if you like. Don't forget to name your File Module! When your file is attached and everything is complete, click Save & Close

  4. To edit the appearance of your File Module, or to replace the file with a new one, mouse over the module and click the Pencil Icon in the editing toolbar. Then choose Edit File or Settings

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