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Modules are designed to make adding a wide variety of content to your website easy.  But how do you choose the right module type for the kinds of content you want to add?

vFlyer Sites has a module for pretty much anything you would want to add to your site. We categorized the modules by type so that you can sort through them easily on the Add Module Screen. 


Use the table below which provides a map of modules to use for common types of content.


Content Type


text.pngAdding Text


Freeform Editor

list.pngList of items

Service List

Team Members




Photo Gallery


Splash Image

audio.pngOther media



file.pngDownloadable Files


social_media.pngSocial media

Facebook Like

Social Media Toolbar


rss.pngBlog integration


vflyer_listings.pngvFlyer Listings

Featured Listing


Mini Listings

floorplan.pngApartment community information


Floor Plan

Floor Plan List

External applications

(e.g., calendar, custom form, loan calculator, etc.)







Of course, if you have questions about which module type to choose in a particular case, you can always contact our support team and we can assist.


Adding Text

  • Article - Use for adding text by filling out a templated form with a built in title section. All text will be formatted to match the rest of your sites theme and you can choose from 3 different layouts.
  • Freefrom - Use for adding text, images and other content to a blank canvas. With the Freeform editor, you will have more flexibility with text alignment, formatting and color.

Article - Use for adding text of any kind to your site.

You can also include photos and video with the text by selecting the tabs from the module editor.

Choose from 3 formated layouts for your article module. If you are looking to add text with a little more flexibility, try using the freeform editor.

To add text for a Team Member, Service, Floor Plan or Testimonial, try the templates we have pre-formatted for each of the above.

Freeform Editor - A blank canvas. Add text, images, and other content, then arrange them however you want.

Use the toolbar within the freeform editor to change the font, font size, font color, add tables, images and more!


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List of items

vFlyer Sites makes it easy to create a list of items with a consistent look and feel. Choose from an Article, Service, Team Member or Testimonial List to help you get started. Notice there are a few different layouts for each list module to best display your content. To access these layouts choose the ‘Settings’ tab in the Module Editor.

  • Article List - Add multiple articles to your site with an Article List. Organize the articles you add in a list format with multiple layout options.
  • Service List - Display a list of services you offer. Add a title, description, images, and pricing information for each service.
  • Team Member List - Add a bio, photo, and job title for each team member at your company.
  • Testimonials - Use for sharing testimonials and other quotes from your clients and customers.

Article List
Service List

Team Member List

Testimonials List

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Adding an Image

Depending on the number of images you would like to upload and how you would like them to display you can choose from the following module types.

  • Picture - Use for adding a picture to your site. Display a single photo on the page. You can link the image to an internal page or external site. You can also layer the image over another module in the same section.
  • Photo Gallery - Use for adding multiple pictures to display in a photo gallery. Images are automatically cropped to be the same size and you can choose the number of rows and columns to display, as well as the photo size.
  • Slideshow - Display a slideshow of multiple images. For best results, we recommend you use a images that are all the same dimension
  • Splash Image - Use to drag, drop and crop a picture into a wide aspect photo.

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Other Media

Whether it’s adding a virtual tour, instructional video or a song to your site - you can easily do so with a video or audio module.

  • Video - Embed video from any online video host and adjust the height and width of the display.
  • Audio - Add music, podcasts, or other audio files to your site. Supported formats: mp3, mp4, wav, ogg.

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Downloadable Files

Use this module to add an application, articles or important documents to your website. 

  • File - Upload forms and other documents in PDF or Word format for site visitors to download.

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Social Media

Share your presence on Social Media sites by displaying a feed from Facebook or Twitter or having a Social Media toolbar to link all of your website visitors to  your Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other profiles.  

  • Facebook Like - Add a Facebook widget to your site and give site visitors the option of "Liking" your Facebook page.
  • Social Media Toolbar - Show icons of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and link them to your pages or profiles on those sites.
  • Twitter - Integrate a feed of your most recent Tweets from your personal or company Twitter account.

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Blog Integration


  • RSS - Import content in real time from a blog or website and have it updated automatically on your site.

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vFlyer Listings

One of the biggest perks of having vFlyer Marketing and Sites is the fact that you can easily integrate the flyers you create in vFlyer Marketing into your vFlyer Site with the Listings Module. Depending on whether you'd like to display all of your listings, feature a listing or have a mini listing on your website page - you can easily choose from the different listings modules below to display your flyers just the way you want to.

  • Featured Listing - Showcase a single listing from your vFlyer Marketing account. Ideal for adding to a sidebar or other small area of a page.
  • Listings - Import your vFlyer Marketing listings into your site and choose to display them in a list, gallery, or slideshow layout.
  • Mini Listings  - Display featured listings from your vFlyer Marketing account within a small frame.

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Apartment Community Information

  • Community - Show a description of your residential community, show the amenities you offer, and display photos.
  • Floor Plan - Add a single floor plan to your site. Upload images and enter information about the floor plan.
  • Floor Plan List - Display multiple floor plans at your community or building on your site and choose from multiple layouts.

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External Applications

  • Flash - Add a Flash component to your site. Simply copy and paste the Flash embed code and adjust the settings as needed.
  • IFRAME - Display content from another web page on your site. Useful for IDX feeds, calendar widgets, and many other kinds of content.
  • Javascript - Use to add all sorts of widgets and applications to your site, including custom forms, Google AdSense, PayPal, and much more.

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  • IFRAME - Display content from another web page on your site. Useful for IDX feeds, calendar widgets, and many other kinds of content.

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