Step-by-Step: Editing a Module

Once you’ve added a module, you can easily edit its content and settings.

To edit a module, follow these steps:

  1. Mouse over the module and click the pencil icon in the editing toolbar to the right.


  2. On the Edit Module screen, you'll find tabs for Module Basics, Content, and Settings. (For list modules, you'll find List Content and List Settings tabs.) Click Module Basics to give the module a name, a title, and apply a chrome (or frame) around the module.


  3. To edit the contents of the module, click the Content tab. Depending on the module type, your content editing options will differ. For an Article Module, for instance, you'll be able to edit the text, add or remove photos, and embed a video. For a Picture Module, you'll be able to swap out the picture for a new one and add a caption.


  4. To edit the settings or layout of the module, click the Settings tab. For some module types, different layout options will appear at the top. The settings options will depend on the type of module you're using. Please visit the help center article about the specific module for detailed instructions on editing the settings.


  5. Click Save & Close when you're finished making your changes.

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