What's New in vFlyer Sites 2.0

We've rebuilt vFlyer Sites from the ground up, making it faster, more user friendly, and even more powerful than before. Here's a rundown of what's new:

A new look for the Site Editor

We redesigned every part of the Site Editor, making it easier to edit the content, theme, and layout of your site. Now when you mouse over a module, you'll see icons appear to the right for editing, removing, adding, and in some cases reordering or repositioning a module.


You'll also find a toolbar toward the top of the Site Editor with Add Page, Page Settings, and Theme Settings buttons.


Undo and redo buttons

Everyone makes mistakes, and we felt it was important to make vFlyer Sites even more mistake-friendly. You'll now find undo and redo buttons at the top of the page, so if you accidentally remove the wrong module or change a setting, you can click the undo button to revert to the previous state. And if you then decide that you liked it better the way it was, just click the redo button.



Make content unique to a page

By default, when you add a module outside the main body section of a page, that module gets added to the other pages that use that same page template. You now have the option to make content unique to a page. When mousing over a section, you'll find a Section tab on the left that lets you choose whether to use the same content of the page template section or add unique content to the page.


Selecting Unique to this page will clear the contents of the section just on that page, allowing you to add new modules.

This feature gives you the benefits of page templates with added flexibility in adding unique content to a page.



A more powerful Theme Editor

Not only is the Theme Editor easier to access than before, it also lets you customize the site design more. A drop-down menu at the top of it lets you choose the part of the site you want to customize. And you can now edit your site's CSS right from the Theme Editor (though we recommend you do this only if you have an understanding of how stylesheets work).



A better approach to adding new modules

We now organize modules in the following categories: Text, Media, Social Media, Integration, Building Blocks, and Most Popular. Each module also has an image and description to help you understand its function.




Delete site capability

No need to keep those old test sites around anymore. On the Sites Dashboard, you'll now find a Delete Site link for each of your sites.



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