Tips for First Time vSites Users

Welcome to vFlyer Sites! Here are a few tips our team has complied that can help get you on your way to a fabulous site:

Do your homework.

Start on paper: Before you start creating your site, think about your goals for the site and the information you want to include. Make a list of the things you want visitors to your site to be able to do or learn and outline how you want your site to be organized. It's even helpful to make a sketch of how you want your homepage to look.

Research your competition: Do a Google search for professionals in your industry and look at a few of their websites to see what they've done. You don't need to take the same approaches they do, but you'll likely get some good ideas out of it.

Make your mark.

Brand your site: We know that having recognizable branding is crucial to establishing credibility and growing a business, and fortunately, adding a company logo, slogan, or banner is easy with vFlyer Sites.


Make your site pop!

Customize your site: Experimenting with the Theme Editor is the best way to make your site memorable. A great design and color scheme will keep visitors intrigued and browsing your site for longer periods of time. To find out how to customize your theme, click here.


Make sure the colors you use work with each other: When you are playing around with different background colors, check to see if the text color you are using is legible against the background. It's good to check the color of links to make sure there is still enough contrast -- same for the hover-over colors on the site menu.

Connect with social media.

Make your site social: Integrate your social media profiles into your website by taking advantage of the vFlyer Sites social media modules. Learn how to integrate social media into your site by clicking here


Write for the web.

Keep it short: Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Keep in mind paragraph size; a paragraph over 5 lines long becomes difficult and tedious to read. It's better to break things up into bite-sized chunks.

Organize your content.

Help yourself out: Give your modules memorable names instead of leaving them as Untitled. This is helpful when you are tinkering around with site design, deleting modules, and adding them on other pages in a site.

If you have questions or need help building your site, feel free to send us a note or call us at (800) 594-5930.

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