Step-by-Step: Mapping an Existing Domain to your Site

If you already own a domain name, it’s easy to map it to the website you created with vFlyer Sites. 

When you publish your site, this screen will prompt you to either purchase a new domain or enter an existing domain. Enter your domain name here and click Configure.


You can ensure that your domain is in your vFlyer Sites account by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking Manage Domains. Your domain name should appear.

(Note: If you would like to manage email through a third party service, stop here. Read this article for instructions on how to set up email settings.)

After your domain is successfully in your vFlyer Sites account, go to the website where you originally registered the domain and log in to your account. We’ll use as an example. Once you log in, find a link for your Domain Manager.


Click on the domain name you would like to manage.


Locate “Nameservers” and click Set Nameservers.


Enter in the vFlyer nameservers: and Then, click OK. In about 15 minutes, your domain name will point to your website.


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