Step-by-Step: Adding a Breadcrumb

A breadcrumb tells your site visitor the path they took to get to the page they are on.

  1. To add a breadcrumb, add a module by mousing over the space you would like to add the module. Then, click Add Module Above or Add Module Below, depending on where you would like to place the breadcrumb.

    Most people like to place their breadcrumb in the upper left hand corner of the content (under the splash image). To do this, mouse over the splash image module and click Add Module Below in the editing toolbar.


  2. Then, click the Building Blocks tab along the left-hand side of the Add a Module screen and select Breadcrumb.


  3. Customize your breadcrumb by choosing settings. Make sure to name your breadcrumb module before clicking Save & Close.


  4.  The Breadcrumb Module will now appear on each page of the site.

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