Step-by-Step: Enabling the Mobile Version of your vFlyer Site

By enabling the mobile version of your vFlyer site it makes navigating your site on mobile phones and tablets a breeze. With the mobile navigation bar, click to call option, mobile map and directions - users are able to access and browse your website even easier.


Here’s how to enable the mobile version of your vFlyer Site:

1. First login to your vFlyer account and navigate to the Site Editor. Once you are in the Site Editor, mouse over your site and Click on the Theme Settings tab and select Switch Themes.


2. From the Select a Theme to Preview pop up window, scroll through the theme options and find the theme you are using for your site and select Preview and then Save. This will update your website with responsive HTML and allow your site to be mobile optimized.


3. Next, it will ask you ‘Do you want to use this theme’s splash image?’ choose ‘Yes Please’ if you would like to keep the same splash otherwise you can choose ‘No Thanks.’


4. Once the site has updated - the site will automatically publish the changes so you can view your website from your tablet or mobile phone. 

Now whether you are viewing your website from a computer, mobile phone or tablet your site will be able to detect the device it is being viewed on to optimize the way content is displayed.

Please note: Your site might display slightly differently on some phones due to different resolutions and screen sizes. If you have significantly changed the design of your website there is a risk of some things not being responsive and mobile friendly after the upgrade.

Your mobile site not looking the way you expected? Click here to read through Mobile FAQs.

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