Step-by-Step: Uploading and Repositioning a Splash Image

A splash image is the picture that appears on your site typically below the header and navigation bar. Each theme has a unique splash image associated with it, but you can easily replace it with your own.


(Note: if you're uploading your own splash image, we recommend that it be at least 1,000 pixels wide, otherwise the image resolution will decrease.)

To upload your own splash image:

1. Hover over the current splash image and in the editing toolbar click the Pencil icon.


2. From the Edit Module screen, click Replace Photo.


3. Once the image has been removed, click Upload from Computer to find the new image on your computer, or choose Add from Library to choose a picture you are using elsewhere on your site.


4. Once your image is chosen, click Save & Close to add your new splash image to your site.



To reposition and resize your splash image:

1. To reposition the image, mouse over the module, then mouse over the four-way arrow in the editing toolbar, and click Reposition in the menu that appears.



2. Drag the image up or down to the desired position, then click the Save button.



3. To change the image height, repeat step 1 above, then mouse over the bottom border of the image and drag it up or down to the desired heigh. Click Save when finished.


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