Step-by-Step: Publishing Your Site

In order to make your site active or update it with changes you've made, you need to publish the site. To do this:

1. In the Site Editor, click the Publish Site button at the top of the window. If the site isn't yet licensed, click the View License Options to select a plan.


2. This next screen indicates which pages are currently published and which have pending changes. Check the box next to each page you would like to publish or update. Then, click Publish Site.


3. The Congratulations! message indicates that you successfully published your website. If you don’t have a domain name for it already, you can purchase one from this screen. (Sites Personal users can personalize their URL by clicking the Personalize link, but cannot point a domain name to the site.) If you already have a domain name, you can map your new website to it by entering your domain in the field to the right and clicking Apply



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