Step-by-Step: Changing the Sample Content on Your Site

After you've completed the initial site setup, you will be taken to the Site Editor. We've already included some sample content based on the business category you selected to give you ideas and inspiration.



Editing an Existing Module

1. Mouse over the module you would like to modify and in the editing toolbar on the right, click the pencil icon.


2. In the Edit Module window, you can make changes to the sample content to fit the needs of your business, or even add photos or video to your website.



Removing a Sample Module

You can also remove a module by following these steps:

1. It's simple to delete the sample content and add your own. Mouse over the module you want to replace and in the editing toolbar on the right, click the minus icon – this will remove the module.


 2. The right column will now have a grey box that has no modules.


3. Hover over the grey box and click Add Module from the editing toolbar to add a new module.


4. From the Add a Module Screen, you can choose what type of module you want to go in that space. For example, if you wanted to add an image, click the Media tab and then select Picture.


5. When you are done uploading your image and have saved the module, your image will appear in the right column.



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