Step-by-Step: Posting Restricted HTML to Classified Ad Sites

While vFlyer HTML is compatible with Classified Ad Sites' HTML guidelines, many sites may have made some recent changes to HTML requirements in some cities.

For users who find that their posts appear on those Classified Ad Sites with the images, background, and formatting stripped from the flyer, we recommend that you post the restricted HTML for your flyers. The restricted HTML uses a minimal variety of HTML tags and generates a cleaner, easier to read format on Classified Ad Sites.

To access the restricted HTML:

  1. On the flyer summary page, find the Classified Ad Restricted HTML section. To get to the flyer summary page, publish or re-publish the flyer, or go to the Flyers page and click the View Summary link to the right of the flyer you are posting.

  2. Click the Copy to Clipboard link or click inside the HTML field and press Ctrl+C (or Apple+C for Mac users). Once you're ready to post it, click the Launch Classified Ad Site link above to go to your Classified Ad Site.
  3. On the Create Posting screen, paste the HTML code you previously copied into the Posting Body field, enter a posting title, your email address, and fill in any other fields on this page, and click Continue.
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