Step-by-Step: Posting Flyers to your ActiveRain Blog

If you’re a Realtor with an ActiveRain blog, you can easily post your flyers there by following these steps:

1. Once you’ve published the flyer, on the Flyers page, click the HTML Code link to the right.


2. On this page, in the HTML section, click the drop-down menu labeled Craigslist and select Blog if you use a custom theme on the flyer. Copy the HTML code provided in this field, either by clicking Copy to Clipboard or clicking inside the field and pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.


Note: if you use a standard theme on your flyer, the blog layout will not be an option. We suggest you switch to a custom theme, but if you want to stick with the standard theme you’re using, select Other Sites from the HTML drop-down menu and proceed with the steps below. Parts of your flyer may get cut off in the post, though.

3. Log in to ActiveRain and create a new post. On the posting screen, click the HTML tab. If a dialogue box pops up, click OK. Paste the HTML code you copied into the description field, then proceed with the post.


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