Step-by-Step: Posting Flyers to your Blog

Posting Flyers to your Blog

You can post flyers to your blog using HTML code. When you publish a flyer using a custom theme, vMarketing generates special HTML code for blogs. To access this code, click the Flyers link on your vMarketing homepage, then click the HTML Code link.


From the large drop-down menu, choose Blog to access the HTML code for blog sites. Copy this code to your clipboard by clicking Copy to Clipboard or clicking inside the box of code and pressing Ctrll+C on your keyboard.


Now that the code is copied, create a new post on your blog.


When entering text for a new post, click the tab for Edit HTML. Paste the HTML code here by right-clicking in the box and selecting Paste or clicking inside the box and pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard. Click Preview to see how your blog will appear once published.



Click the HTML tab and paste the HTML into the blog post box.


If your blog is hosted on another site, please check the site’s help center to learn how to embed HTML in a post.

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