Why is the PDF of my flyer printing on two pages instead of one?

A: A PDF version of a flyer prints on two pages if there is too much content in the flyer for it to fit on one page. To get a one-page PDF of the flyer, follow these steps:

   1. Clone the flyer by clicking the Clone link found below the flyer label on the Flyers page.
   2. Open the clone.
   3. Shorten the description if it goes very far below the main photo (getting it down to 200 characters should be sufficient)
   4. Remove some added features and attributes fields if there are any, especially if the labels on them are more than two words long.
   5. Uncheck the syndication boxes at the bottom of the Flyer Editor.
   6. When you're ready, click Publish.
   7. On the Flyer Summary page, click the Print Layouts tab.
   8. If your flyer still doesn't fit on one page, try removing another added feature or attribute field and re-publish. Then download the PDF again. Do this until you have a one-page PDF.

Once you're able to generate a one-page PDF, print however many copies you will need. After that you can either keep the clone in your account for future use or unpublish it by clicking the Unpublish link next to the flyer on the Flyers page.

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