Step-by-Step: Creating a Mailing List

A mailing list allows you to store a set of email addresses in your account. By doing so, you can email a flyer to that entire group with a single click instead of entering each email address individually.

Here's how you can create a mailing list:

  1. Navigate to the Email/SMS page for one of your published flyers.
  2. Click the Use Mailing List radio button, then click Add Contacts.


  3. Enter the email addresses you want to include in the mailing list. You can type them in, copy and paste them, or click Import Contacts to import them from Outlook or Plaxo. Click Add Contacts when you have added all the emails you want to include.


  4. Anytime you want to send a flyer to your mailing list, click the Use Mailing List radio button. You will see the number of contacts in your list and can edit the list by clicking Manage Contacts.

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