Step-by-Step: Using vFlyer Backpack to Post to Backpage

  1. When you want to use vFlyer Backpack for Backpage, open the Backpage website page for your city or region, and follow the steps you normally would to get to the page where you create your post.
  2. Click the vFlyer Backpack bookmarklet in your Links toolbar. If you are not already logged-in to your account, you will be prompted to log in. Once you log in, click Retry to access your account in vFlyer Backpack.
  3. You will see drop-down lists of all your accounts and the flyers in each one. Select the flyer you wish to post to Backpage, and make sure Backpage is selected as the format.
  4. Click inside the text box that contains your Backpage HTML code. The text in the box will be highlighted.
  5. Click and hold the left mouse button inside the text box in your vFlyer Backpack. Drag the cursor, while still holding down the left mouse button, to the Posting Description field on the Backpage posting page. Once the cursor is inside the Posting Description field, release the left mouse button. The HTML will appear in the Posting Description field. You can also drag and drop the title and price from vFlyer Backpack into the appropriate fields on the Backpage posting page. (Note: you will still need to enter your email address manually in order to publish the posting.)
  6. Click Record Your Posting and Backpack will save an entry of this post.
  7. Once all the fields are populated, continue with your Backpage post as you normally would.



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