Step-by-Step: Enabling Syndication for Your Flyers

Taking advantage of vMarketing's automatic syndication service is as simple as a few clicks. To learn how to enable syndication to all of our partner sites and make the most of our service, read on. 

Automatic Submission Settings

If you are a new user, or just haven't set up your syndication settings, you will see a gray box on your vMarketing homepage that looks like this:


Some of our partner sites require that we send your email address along with your flyer in our data feed. vMarketing does not want to send any information to our partner sites without your permission. To give vMarketing permission to send your email address with  your flyer data, click Update Submission Settings

To enable syndication to all of these partner sites, simply check the box next to each website's name. You can choose as many or as few as you like. When you are done, click Save. After you have enabled our partner sites, they will show up as choices in the Flyer Editor's Settings section (described below). 


Individual Flyer Syndication

We know that your syndication needs may change depending on the flyer. Therefore, the websites that you want your flyer sent to must be checked off before publishing your flyer. We strongly encourage you enable syndication to every partner site available. This list of sites will vary depending on the type of flyer. For example, an Auto for Sale flyer will not go to the same sites as a House for Sale flyer. 


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