Resource: The Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Listing

Getting exposure for your listings is easy with vMarketing!

vMarketing offers many tools that you can use to get your listing seen by as many people as possible! These are the top 6 ways that our users promote their listings.


Enabling automatic syndication to all of our partner sites is a great way to get your flyer seen without having to put in a lot of work. We are partnered with the top classified websites to get your flyers the exposure they need. When you click Publish, your ad is automatically sent to the partner sites you select, saving you time and money. To learn how to set up your syndication settings, click here



vMarketing generates HTML code for every active flyer, making it simple to post your full color ad on Craigslist in full color. In addition to being in color, your ad will contain your entire photo gallery. Simply copy and paste the HTML code from your vMarketing account into the Craigslist posting description and post away! For a step-by-step tutorial on how to post to Craigslist with vMarketing HTML, look here

If you are posting multiple ads to Craigslist, it may be easier for you to use our Backpack application. Backpack is a "bookmarklet" that is installed directly into your browser's favorites. When you are ready to post, open Backpack and drag and drop your flyer information and HTML into Craigslist. To learn more about Backpack, check out this short video


Social Media

Posting your listings to Social Media outlets like Twitter and Facebook is easy with vMarketing. After you Publish your flyer, you will automatically be given options to share your flyer on Twitter or Facebook. In addition, vMarketing has a Facebook application that you can use to display all of your listings right on your Facebook business page. For more information about vMarketing's social media capabilities, click here.


One of our newest features is the Social Media Toolbar, which allows our users to put social media icons on their Account Profiles and flyers. This tool helps drive traffic to your social media pages. For instructions on how to set up your Social Media Toolbar, click here


Widgets are an easy way to embed your flyers and contact information into a website or blog. Widgets are snippets of HTML coding that contain "teasers" of your listings. For more information and examples of widgets, look here. |


Email and SMS

Our email tool allows you to send your listing to your email contacts without even leaving your vMarketing account! Simply select the flyer or flyers you would like to send, enter or import your contacts, and type a message! To learn how simple it is to email your listing, click here

vMarketing business subscribers have access to our SMS (text) tool where they can text a link to their flyer to anyone!  For instructions on how to use the SMS tool, click here


Print your Flyer

Need a paper copy of your flyer? As soon as you Publish your listing, you can export a PDF and print in just a few short steps. vMarketing business subscribers have access to 5 different print layouts, or looks, to make their printed flyers stand out every time. More about printing flyers can be found by clicking here


Reserve a Domain

Having a web address that is easily remembered is key to any online presence. vMarketing business subscribers can purchase domains through our Domain Plus service, or map their existing domains to their vMarketing content. Domains can easily be configured to map to any active flyer or Account Profile! For more information about purchasing, configuring, or using domains can be found here


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