Step-by-Step: Mapping a Domain Name to vMarketing Content

If you already own a domain and you’d like to map it to your vMarketing content (an individual flyer or your Account Profile), you’ll first need to reconfigure the domain.

  1. Navigate to the Domains page and click the link in the section labeled “Already own a domain?”.

  2. Enter your domain name and forwarding email address. vFlyer will automatically forward any email sent to this domain (ex: to the email address entered here. Then, choose whether to map your domain to your Account Profile, a specific flyer, or your vSite. When you are finished, click Update

  3. Go to the website where you originally purchased the domain, and log in to your account. We’ll use as an example. Once you log in, find a link for your Domain Manager.

  4. Click on the domain name you would like to manage.

  5. Locate “Nameservers” and click Set Nameservers.

  6. Enter in the vFlyer nameservers: and Then, click OK. Within a few hours, when you visit your domain on the web, it will show your vMarketing content. 


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