Step-by-Step: Applying a Custom Theme to your Flyer

Once you’ve created a custom theme, you can apply it to your flyers and to your Account Profile.

1. Click the Flyers tab at the top of your vMarketing homepage


2. Click the “Edit Listing” link below your flyer to enter the Flyer Editor


3. Scroll to the Choose Theme section, where you’ll find your custom theme at the top of the list. Select the custom theme (in this case, “My New Theme”), then publish your flyer using the yellow Publish button at the left.


4. You can also choose your theme from the Preview mode. Click the blue Preview button on the Quick Links at left to preview your flyer. At the top of the preview, use the drop-down menu labeled Select Theme to choose your preferred custom theme.


5. Once you’ve selected your theme, click the yellow Republish button to the right. Always publish your flyer again after making changes to the content or choosing a new theme.

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