Step-by-Step: Creating a Custom Theme

What is a Theme?

A Theme is the template that defines your flyer’s look. Themes can be applied to any flyer or your account profile. vMarketing provides an assortment of standard themes, but you can create your own custom theme using our Theme Editor.

1. To begin, click the Themes tab at the top of your vMarketing homepage.


2. Choose a template as a starting point for your new custom theme. If you are a real estate agent, you may find a template here for your broker. If you like the look of one of our broker themes, feel free to use it - you can remove the branding later.


3. Click any of the thumbnails to open the Theme Editor. On the right you’ll find a sample flyer. As you make changes to your theme, they’ll be immediately applied to the sample flyer. The column of tabs on the left control different sections of the theme - refer to the diagram below.


4. Click Basic to give your theme a name. This will help you find it more easily later on.


5. The Branded Header tab applies a narrow header image to the top of your theme. This is the key to a dynamic, professional look for your listings. There are three options.


  • Click Stock to choose one of our real estate broker branded headers.
  • Click Custom to upload your own branded header. Click Browse to find the image on your computer, then the blue Upload button. The ideal dimensions for a header image are 754×82 pixels.
    If you don’t have the time or the tools to create a branded header, vFlyer’s graphic design team can create one for you. Click here for more details.
  • Click Text to create a plain-text header. Enter some text, say, your company name, then choose the font, color, size, and background color.

6. The Page Background tab controls the page and flyer backgrounds. You can choose one of our stock page backgrounds (Page BG Image), upload your own background image (Custom Page BG), or choose a solid color(Page BG Color). You can also set the flyer background color (Flyer BG Color) from this tab.


Note: To use a color not shown in our color picker, go to and download “Color Cop” for free. Use Color Cop to find the “Hex Triplet” (a 6-digit alphanumeric code) for any color.


Every color has a unique hex triplet. For example, white is #ffffff. You can enter a custom Hex triplet anywhere colors are chosen in the Theme Editor.

7. Use the Title tab to control the Title section of your flyer. You can change the font size, color, and weight, as well as the background color.


8. The Main tab controls your flyer’s description. Modify the size, color, and justification of the font of the description text.


9. The Narrow tab controls the content in the narrow column on the left-hand side of your flyer. Customize the font, size, weight, and colors of the Titles, Subtitles and Text. You can also set the background color (”BG Color”) for the Titles and Subtitles. Editing the BG color for “Text” will change the background color for the entire Narrow column. Set the link color here, too.


10. The Wide tab controls the column to the right of the Narrow column, like Features, Attributes, and the Photo Gallery. As with Narrow, customize the Titles, Subtitles, Text, Links, and Background Color of this section.


11. Finally, click the Disclaimer tab to edit the disclaimer - the strip of text that appears at the bottom of your flyers. Edit the size, weight, and font of the disclaimer, as well as the text itself.


Once you’re done, click the blue Save button at the top of the theme editor. You can now apply your new custom theme to all of your flyers in all of their forms.

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