Step-by-Step: Creating and Using Lists

Lists allow you to choose a set of flyers and teasers to incorporate in a widget. You can access your lists under the Widgets tab by clicking Lists. Click Create a List to create a new list.


In the List Editor, give your list a name, then choose to add a new teaser (Add New Teaser), or import existing teasers or flyers (Import Items).


Using the check boxes, choose which flyers you wish to add to your list and click the blue Import Flyers button. To add existing teasers to your List, click the Import Teasers link.


Check the teasers you wish to include and click the blue Import Teasers button.


After importing flyers or teasers, you’ll return to the List Editor where you can see all of the items in your list. Click Save when you’re done.


Now you’re ready to build a widget using this list. Create a Multi-Item Widget and choose your list from the drop-down menu in the Widget Editor.


All items in your list are now included in this widget. Whenever one of the items in the list is updated, any widgets that use this list will be automatically updated as well.

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