Step-by-Step: Creating and Using Teasers

A Teaser is a special link with photos that can be added to your vListings widgets. You can use teasers to advertise websites or products for which you don’t have a flyer. Your teasers are available under the Widgets tab. Click Create a Teaser to get started.


In the Teaser Editor, give your teaser a title and price, then enter a URL under “Link”. When viewers click on your teaser, they will be directed to this web address. You can upload photos as well. When you’re done, click Save.


You can now incorporate your teaser into a Widget. In the Widget Editor, choose your teaser from the drop-down menu. Click the yellow Get HTML & Share button to upload your widget to the web. You can also add your teaser to a list for display in a multi-item widget.


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