Step-by-Step: Embedding Your Widget

Embedding your Widget on the Web

 Widgets are easily shared on the web. You can embed a widget into any website that supports HTML and Flash or Javascript.

Click the Widgets tab at the top of your vMarketing homepage to access your existing widgets. You’ll notice that each widget is equipped with a Post button at left, as well as Flash and Javascript HTML code at right. First, let’s post a widget to Facebook using the Post button.


Click Post to post your widget to the web’s top social media sites. A little pop-up will allow you to choose from over 30 networking sites. Simply click the icon for the site you wish to post to. I’ll choose Facebook.


You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account. If you haven’t already installed the “My Stuff” application on your profile, you will be asked to do so. Once installed, the widget will be instantly posted to your profile.


You can also embed your widget into an external website using HTML code. On the Widgets page, you’ll find the HTML code for your widget on the right-hand side. There are two versions: one for Flash, the other for Javascript. The Flash version is on the right, and has a small red “F” logo above. If you’re not sure which code to use, check the website you’re embedding the widget to see if one format is preferable to the other. When in doubt, go with Flash.


The HTML provided is also known as the “embed code”. Copy this code to your clipboard using the Copy HTML link, or by right-clicking inside the box of code and selecting Copy. You can now paste this code into a website to embed your widget.


I’ll post my widget to a blog using the embed code. I’ll create a new post, write a brief intro, then click the Edit HTML tab. Most sites that support HTML will have a similar tab for HTML coding. Copy the code into the HTML box by right-clicking in the box and selecting Paste. Finally, click the Publish Post button.


You’ll see that the HTML code is rendered to display your widget, just as you designed it in your vMarketing account.


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