Step-by-Step: Adding Voice Narration

vFlyer Voice

Voice recordings can be integrated with photo slideshows.  Use vFlyer Voice to produce a high-impact, low cost virtual tour.

You have two options to choose from:

One Voice recording for flyer One Voice recording for each photo
Each_Photo.jpg Whole_Flyer.jpg

Note: Voice narration is reserved for business subscribers, and will only play in flyers set to premium layout.

Recording voice narration for each photo

In the Flyer Editor, find the section for Voice Narration.


Choose to record narration for each individual photo, then click Add Voice Narration.  Enter your phone number, and then choose for which image to begin recording voice narration.


Our automated system will call you.  Using your touch-tone phone, follow the instructions for recording voice narration.  When you're done, hang up.

Voice narration for the entire flyer

In the Flyer Editor, find the section for Voice Narration.


Choose to record narration for the entire flyer, then click Add Voice Narration.

Enter your phone number and click Begin Recording Session


Notice the "Quick Links" to the left: click Preview to see a preview of your flyer, and hear your new voice narration.

When you're done, click Save to save your recording(s), then Back to return to the Flyer Editor.

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