Step-by-Step: Uploading Photos

To upload photographs to your flyer, scroll to the Photos section of the Flyer Editor and click Upload & Manage Photo Gallery.


On the Manage Photos page is a set of Quick Links at left, with buttons for Back, Save, and Preview. Click Back to return to the Flyer Editor, Save to save your uploaded photos, or Preview to see how your flyer is progressing.


Click the blue Browse button. In the dialogue box that appears, select images from your computer to upload. You can add multiple images to the queue by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard (or the Apple key if you are using a Mac) as you select the photos. Once you’ve selected the photos you want to upload, click Open - they will appear in the queue. Click Upload to upload all of the images in your queue. Do not leave the screen until all files have finished uploading.


To upload photos one at a time, click the link for our other photo upload tool. Click Browse to choose an image on your computer, then Upload to add it to the gallery.


Below, in the Organize Gallery section, you can rearrange and add captions to your photos. Click and drag a thumbnail image to move it to another spot; click below each image to add a caption.


When you’re done, click Save, then Back to return to the Flyer Editor.

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