How do I upload photos to my flyer, and can I upload multiple photos at once?

A: To upload photos to your flyer, scroll down to the Photos section of the Flyer Editor and click Upload & Manage Photo Gallery. You will be taken to a new page that allows you to upload photos.

To upload multiple photos at once, click the Browse button, then open the folder on your computer that holds the photos you want to upload.  When you've opened the folder, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard (for Mac users, hold down the Apple key) and select the photos you wish to upload.  They should all be highlighted.  Click Open; the files you selected should appear on the list.  At this point, click Upload.  Depending on the number of photos and the speed of your internet connection, uploading could take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes.

For more information about uploading photos, please visit this tutorial.

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