Step-by-Step: Setting Up your Account Profile

Your Account Profile is the page that displays all of your active listings. You can include your contact information, a photo of you, your company logo, external links (vMarketing business subscribers only), and a description of yourself or your business in your Account Profile as well. Once the Account Profile is set up, much of this information can be leveraged when you create flyers and widgets.

You can access your Account Profile and settings from the Account tab.

The Basic section displays your account URL, and allows you to change your account name.


The Profile section allows you to update your information including contact info, photo, member association logo, and social media links.


Two new features we just added are Secondary Contact and the Social Media Toolbar. To add the contact information and picture of another person, please go to the bottom of the page and click Add Secondary Contact.

You can then enter their contact information, upload a photo, choose their member association logo, and add links to their social media pages.


The Social Media Toolbar is a great way to integrate your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter into your Account Profile and flyers. For more information about how to set up your Social Media Toolbar, see this tutorial.

The Company section is where you can input your company’s name and contact information. You can also upload your company’s logo so it will appear on your Account Profile and flyers.



Click Links to add Header or Footer links to your Account Profile.


Click Settings to customize your Account Profile, add search and sort capabilities, and change your default flyer settings.


The Syndication section allows you to enable automatic submission to other partner sites and enter your broker name for sites that require Broker Approval.

You can click the View Account Profile link at any time to see your updated Account Profile.


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