Step-by-Step: Signing Up for a vMarketing Account

To use vMarketing, you first need to create a vMarketing account. You can do this by visiting and clicking one of the registration links.


First, be sure your are on the vMarketing tab when choosing the type of plan you want. vMarketing offers a range of business subscription plans as well as a limited free version of the service. Click the Sign Up button under the plan you want. Alternatively if you would like to sign up for the limited free version please choose the ‘Free’ link above the green Apply Code button.


From there, enter your email address, a password, your first name, your zip code, and an account name. Your account name will appear in the links to your vMarketing content (as in “”). Click Create Account to continue.


If you’re signing up for a business subscription, enter your payment information on the next page and choose whether you want a monthly or annual subscription. After you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirming the registration. Click the link in the email to confirm or copy the confirmation code and paste it in the confirmation code field in your vMarketing account.

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