Tips for First Time vMarketing Users

Welcome to the vMarketing service! 

Get Organized.

Prepare your information: Getting all the information about each of your listings organized before you begin creating flyers is crucial for saving time and preventing stress!

Label all of your photos and keep them in an easy to find folder on your computer.

Decide on a title and description, and visualize color schemes for your flyer. This will help the process of flyer creation go much quicker. 

Do your Homework

Get educated: Browsing the vMarketing Help Center is by far the best way to familiarize yourself with the service. From short videos to FAQ's, the most common user questions are answered there. Of course, our friendly and dedicated support team is ready to assist. Email our Customer Success Representatives at

Utilize Customization Features

Get noticed: What sets the vMarketing service above the rest is its ability to customize the look of your flyer. Some of the best ways to customize your flyers are shown in the example below: uploading your company logo and your photo, creating a custom theme or using one of our stock broker themes, or taking advantage of the custom header option. 

Promote your Flyer

Spread the word: It's simple to get wide exposure for your flyers through vMarketing with just a few clicks. From tried and true methods like posting to Classified sites, to social media sharing, vMarketing has the tools to get your flyer noticed. For the top 6 ways to promote your listing, watch this short video


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