Resource: vMarketing Glossary

  1. Flyer: an online advertisement for a listing, product, or service that includes useful information such as price and contact information and, in many cases, photographs. Also referred to as “landing page” and “listing website”.

  2. Active listing: a flyer that is currently published. Active listings are automatically submitted to vMarketing’s partner websites and can be posted to Craigslist, emailed, and printed, among other things. Active listings count toward the active flyer limit of the account.

  3. Inactive listing: A flyer that has yet to be published, or has expired. Inactive listings count toward the total flyer limit of the account (which is double the active flyer limit).

  4. Publish: to make a listing active. Published flyers must be re-published if subsequent changes are made to them.

  5. Unpublish: to make a listing inactive. Unpublished flyers remain in the account and can be re-published and made active again.

  6. Clone: to copy a flyer using the “Clone” function

  7. Theme: the design of a flyer, including the color scheme and the size, style, and weight of all fonts. A standard theme is a stock theme available to all vMarketing users. A custom theme is a theme created using vMarketing’s Theme Editor, with user-defined colors, fonts, and, in some cases, a branded header image.

  8. Account Profile: a stand-alone web page that displays all active flyers in the account and any information entered in the account. Every vMarketing account has a unique Account Profile.

  9. Sub-account: a vMarketing account managed by another account (the main account). A sub-account has a separate Account Profile from the main account that only displays the listings and account information in the sub-account. A sub-account can be assigned to another user, in which case it gets a separate flyer allocation and is charged separately from the main account, or left so that only the main account owner and any assistants or power assistants to the main account can access it. In the latter case, the sub-account shares the same flyer allocation as the main account and does not incur a separate charge.

  10. Assistant: someone given access to an account. An assistant logs into the account using his or her own email address and password and can create, edit, and delete content in the account. vMarketing business subscribers can have up to five assistants or power assistants on an account.

  11. Power assistant: an assistant with the added abilities to upgrade the account, make purchases in the account (of domain names, for instance), and manage sub-accounts.

  12. Widget: a vehicle for integrating your vMarketing content dynamically into your website, blog, and/or social networks. There are two types of widgets: Single-Item widgets, that display content from a single listing, and Multi-Item widgets, that display content from multiple listings. The listings displayed are designated in a list.

  13. List: a chosen group of flyers and/or teasers. Lists define the content displayed in a multi-Item widget or multi-listing email.

  14. Teaser: an enhanced link to an external web page that is designed for inclusion in a vMarketing widget. Teasers enable vFlyer users to link to a non-vFlyer content from their vMarketing widgets.

  15. Domain: A unique internet address (URL) that identifies a single website from those available on the internet. For example: or Available domains can be purchased and mapped to vMarketing content through the Domains Plus service.
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